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Idemitsu CVTF Full Synthetic 4L

  • Idemitsu automatic and continuously variable transmission formulations are exclusively designed to meet the needs of specific Asian vehicle transmission applications.
  • Each formula uniquely differs with respect to viscosity, oxidation prevention, friction durability, aeration control and wear protection.
  • Since an ATF/CVTF touches every component in a transmission, internal material compatibility is critical, and Idemitsu offers the assurance that each Idemitsu ATF and CVTF formulation has been evaluated and approved for material compatibility.
  • Hotshot Automotive is authorized dealer of Idemitsu

JDA CVTF Fully Synthetic 4L

  • Brand: JDA
  • Oil Type: Full-Synthetic
  • Model: CVTF
  • Origin: Japan
  • Pack Size: 4L
  • For: Cars
  • Made in Japan
  • Hotshot Automotive is an authorized dealer of JDA Oil.