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Dyno Tab Power Performance Acceleration

  • Help improve fuel economy 10% - 15%
  • Increase power and performance.
  • Reduce smoke and exhaust emissions & Prevent carbon deposits.
  • Eliminate "multiplication" and "stroke" of the engine.
  • Suitable for Gasoline engines (with 2 Liter Fuel Tank Capacity).
  • Method of use: Put one tablet before each filling.
  • The Card contain 12 tablet, 0.22 gram.
  • Each Tablet 0.22 gram treat 2 liter.
  • Approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Dynotab HP Octane Booster 6Tab Card

Track tested to be 9.2% faster, Dyno-tab Maximum Strength Octane Booster provides faster acceleration. Adding the correct dosage at fill-up can give you a 10 point boost in your octane rating and additional tablets can increase it by 17 points! Fast dissolving and safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors, Dyno-tab® High-Performance Octane Booster has been shown to 'beat the bottled boosters' in independent lab tests. Please follow dosage instructions on the package. Contains 6 .5 gram tablets Each tablet treats 5 gallons (19 liters)

Dynotab Plus Injector Cleaner 6Tab Card

Use Dyno-tab Plus Injector Cleaner to keep your fuel injectors clean and functioning properly to get all the power and performance from the fuel you buy. Use it every third fill-up in concert with Dyno-tab Fuel Treatment or use it for every fill-up for the ultimate high-performance additive.

Dynotab Ultra Fuel Booster 6Tab Card

Dyno-tab ULTRA Fuel Booster is designed for lower sulfur diesel fuel, or any gasoline/petrol that is of low quality or diluted with alcohol. This complete multi-functional additive delivers all the benefits of Dyno-tab and Dyno-tab® PLUS, such as reduced friction, wear, emissions, and carbon buildup.  It increases power and performance, aids in keeping fuel fresh, boosts mileage and has a proprietary lubricant to aid in engine longevity. Give it a try today! Contains 6 .5 gram tablets Each tablet treats up to 8 gallons (30 liters)