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Flamingo Chain Lube

  • Chain lube is a combination of active substance with protecting and gliding effects suited to the machines, the material and the running conditions nowadays.
  • It is a special lubricant adhesive, resistant to hot water and sea water as well a spinning-resistant.
  • Reduce friction, wear and squeaking noises.
  • Protect from corrosion, especially in wet areas. So, it is water-refusing, creep able and very good adhering.

Flamingo Air Freshener 330ML (Apple flavour)

FEATURE: Flamingo air freshener adopts the newly-developed sterilizing and deodorizing formula and is blended with the world newest floral fragrance. With unique sterilizing and deodorizing performance, it can quickly and effectively eliminate the odor and smoke to purify the indoor air, leaving the room with pleasant fragrance so as to ensure a high level of protection on users’ health. It is applicable to the indoor of family, office, hotel, kitchen, toilet and recreation center as well as car, train and ship.

Flamingo Plastic Restorer

Feature: Flamingo Plastic Restorer is a thick, drip-free cream that revitalizes faded, discolored, exterior or interior plastic trim, formulated using microscopic nanoparticles that penetrate deeply into the plastic trim, providing long-lasting protection and long term preservation. It’s not limited to black trim – use it on any color trim and watch as it brings the surface back to look-like in new condition! Application: Shake well before using. Apply a small amount of it on a 100% cotton terry cloth, towel or foam applicator pad. Apply it evenly and thoroughly to the desired trim area. Wipe off any excess with a clean towel. Note: 2-3 applications may be needed for neglected areas

Flamingo Injector Cleaner 300ML

  • Removes deposits on injection valves, on intake valves, spark plugs, and in the combustion chamber and prevent new deposits forming.
  • Cares for all parts of petrol injection system from corrosion.
  • Improves the gas acceptance and the compression. Optimizes the exhaust gas values and the performance of the engine.
  • Clean engine consumes less fuel and emit fewer pollutants.
Direction: Add entire contents directly to a full tank of petrol. One bottle (300ml) will treat 60-80 liters. For best result use every 3000km.

Flamingo Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

  • Triple action formula to clean, condition and protect.
  • This non-greasy formula leaves surfaces clean and smooth, using a pH balanced blend of cocoa butter, vitamin E and aloe vera.
  • Contains no harsh solvents
  • Restores leather to a “like-new” appearance.
Usage Direction:
  • For best results: First test an inconspicuous area before use. Not for use on suede or unfinished leather
  • Shake well.
  • Apply liberally to a clean cloth or spray directly onto leather surface.
  • Wipe evenly over surface and remove excess with a clean cloth

Flamingo Wax & Dry Spray Wax

  • Brand: Flamingo
  • Type: Wax and Dry Spray Wax
  • Model: F301
  • Color: As shown as picture
  • Wash and rinse. Skip drying, leave car wet.
  • Shake product well. Simply spray one car panel at a time while car is still wet.
  • Dry and shine at the same time with a clean microfiber towel

Flamingo Wash Wax Shampoo 500ml

  • Product Name: Flamingo Car Wash Wax Shampoo
  • Type: Car Wash Wax Shampoo
  • Model: M4038
  • Color: As shown as picture
  • Condition: 100% Brand New and Original Product

Flamingo Tire Shine

  • Extra gloss enhancers for intense, smooth, even shine
  • Conditions, nourishes, & preserves your tires’ rich black look
  • Precision applicator provides smooth, even shine without messy over-spray
  • Protects from harmful elements that can cause cracking and fading
  • One Step, Easy Application: No wiping
It’s not just about shine! Flamingo tire products help prevent ozone degradation, which can cause drying, cracking and fading.

Flamingo Tire Sealant & Inflator

Emergency tire sealant & inflator  is designed to quickly seek-out and effectively seal most normal punctures and slow leaks. It is 100% applicable to breach within 6mm on tubeless rubber tires of cars, motorcycles, electrical bicycles. No jack nor tire-change is needed. One step procedure of tires pumping and repairing is finished in seconds. It can also be filled into new tires to prevent unexpected leakage. Non-toxic and odorless. No corrosion and no damage to the tire.

Flamingo Spray Polish Wax 450ml

This product is made by applying new atomized automobile formula and features powerful effect in removing dirt and polishing. It can instantly remove the dirt from the surface and make the automobile bright and lustrous, and form special protection film on the surface, thus preventing UV and acid rain. Convenient application with only spraying and wiping, it is suitable for coating surface and electroplating surface for automobiles and motorcycles.

Flamingo color spray paint (450ml)

  • Brand: Flamingo
  • Quick dry
  • Effectively resists UV radiation
  • Increases the anti aging performance
  • Prevents the metal surface from rusting
  • Volume : 450ml
  • Color – Gloss Black/Matt Black

Flamingo Shines & Protect Leather and Plastic Polish

Flamingo Shaine and Protector Polish Net weight: 295 ml / 10.41 oz High Gloss and Sunscreen Formulation Protectant For Leather / Vinyl / Rubber / Plastic Restore Luster And Shine Shines & Protects Protectant’s unique polymer silicone formula penetrates the surface to shine and protect vinyl, rubber, and plastic. Flamingo shines & protects helps protect surfaces from fading and cracking by reducing ultraviolet light, while bringing out color, restoring luster and shine. Protects against abrasion. Reduces static electricity to help reduce dust and dirt attraction! If less shine is desired, lightly buff with a damp cloth.