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Tire Pressure Gauge Meter & Brake Fluid Tester

  • Check the car brake oil quality
  • 3 LED lights display the percentage of moisture content in brake fluid
  • Auto power off
  • CR1225 or CR1220 Battery required. (Not included with the product)
  • Testing DOT 3, DOT4, DOT5 brake fluid
  • Testing tire pressure precisely.
  • One portable small product for testing brake fluid and measuring tire pressure

12V Battery Tester

  • This battery tester, safe and easy to operate, has multiple functions: alternator state check, battery condition check, check before cargo and overload. Display, tell us the state alternator and battery, thus improving our driving safety.
  • Multiple functions: alternator state check, battery condition check, check before load and overload display. 6-LED display, clearly present the alternator and battery.
  • LED quantity: 6 (2 red, 3 green, 1 yellow)
  • Material of wire: 0.06 square millimeter copper
  • Max. voltage / current: 12 v / 15A
  • Length of wire: 250mm

Portable Digital Tire Inflator

  • This super cool looking electric air compressor can be turned on rapidly. It can inflate cars, bicycles, motorbikes, balls and inflatable toys very quickly.
  • LCD Digital Pressure Gauge: With power display, you can preset tire pressure to what your tires need (3 kinds of unit values: PSI, BAR and Kg/cm²)
  • Fashionable and portable: The pump with LED light is very light weight and portable to use in the daytime or nighttime
  • Maximum inflation pressure: 200psi
  • Inflation efficiency: 185/70R14 within 5 mins
  • For best use, do not use the inflator for continuously more than 40 mins. After 40 mins take a break and let the inflator cool down and then use again
  • Preset the tire pressure and let the machine do it’s job
  • Made of high performance full copper cylinder
  • Can inflate 5 tires at a time
  • Providing 6 months warranty from Hotshot Automotive

Tire Pressure Monitoring System External Sensor

  • Wireless transfer -Solar absorbing plate is charged by sunshine.
  • Built-in spare battery can supply power of 45 days
  • Leaking alarm(4 Psi within 5 minutes)
  • High temperature alarm (over 65 C)
  • High temperature alarm value adjustable -Abnormal pressure alarm( range out of 26-46 Ps)
  • Front and real sensors high/low pressure alarm value adjustable
  • Tire position exchanging
  • Imported by Hotshot Automotive
Complete set includes: Wrench- 1pc,Anti theft nuts- 4pc, Monitor- 1pc, Sensors- 4pcs external sensors , Manual- 1pc

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

  • Illuminated tire nozzle and back lit LCD display visibility in dim light or at night.
  • Simple push button choose 1 of the 4 measurement Units Directly receive an precise tire pressure data in psi, bar, kg/cm2, and kpa.
  • Built-in “auto shut off” feature.
  • Lightweight ergonomic design fits your hand comfortable, small enough for your center console or glove box; soft, non-slip surface provides sure grip and less fatigue for all.
  • Range: 0-150 psi

Brake Fluid Tester Pen

  • Check the car brake oil quality
  • 5 LED lights display the percentage of moisture content in brake fluid
  • Auto power off
  • 1 LR03 AAA batteries (not included) – You can use simply a Sunlight battery
  • Testing DOT 3, DOT4, DOT5 brake fluid
  • Press the switch to turn on the power, the green LED light that represents the battery properly, if the green light does not shine then you have to replace battery