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Alex Airfreshener Anti Tobacco 350 ml

  • Remove tobacco odor.
  • Made with the best quality French fragrance
  • Concentrated water-based air freshener
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Around 700 spray
  • Hotshot Automotive is an authorized dealer of Alex

Alex Microfiber Cloth

  • Best for outdoor and vehicle appliance
  • 240 GSM ClothMore absorbing capacity
  • Removes 98.9% of bacteria from smooth surfaces.
  • Environment friendly
  • Washable and reusable
  • Hotshot Automotive is an authorized dealer of Alex.

Rok Glasso Glass Cleaner 750 ml

  • With regular use, stains and oiliness of windows, furniture, car glass are easily removed.
  • Rok glass cleaner can clean every kind of hard stain.
  • It makes cleaning all kinds of glass surfaces and appliances a breeze.
  • Chlorine-free – doesn’t contain harmful chlorine blanch.
  • Protected on colors and whites.
  • It is a scented glass cleaner in Bangladesh.
  • ROK glass cleaner is sweet for car windshield, dressing table, TV screen, Freeze, showcase, Computer screen, window, etc.
  • Weight – 750 ml
  • Hotshot Automotive is an authorized dealer of Alex.

Alex Wash & Wax Shampoo 12 ml

  • Alex wash & wax is PH Balanced and salt free.
  • Safe for vehicle.
  • Wax imported from Switzerland.
  • Hotshot Automotive is an authorized dealer of Alex.

Alex Wash & Wax Shampoo 500 ml

Hotshot Automotive is an authorized dealer of Alex.

Alex Car Wash Shampoo 500 ml

Hotshot Automotive is an authorized dealer of Alex.

Microfibre AC Vent And Multipurpose Cleaning Brush

  • Material: ABS,Polyester, PP,Polyester
  • Size: 39.5*7.5*9.5cm
  • Usage: AC vent and multipurpose cleaning 

PRO STAFF Vehicle Shampoo 640 ML With Cleaning Sponge

  • Brand: Pro Staff
  • Volume: 640 ml
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Shampoo for Car and Bike Wash
  • Super Cleaner
  • Power Foam
  • Environment Friendly
  • For all car & bike
  • Free Cleaning Sponge

Licheers Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

  • Brand: Licheers
  • Battery capacity: 12V/2000mah
  • Working time: 30min
  • Suction: 5000kpa
  • Input current: DC5V/2A
  • Output power: 60W
  • Charging time: 4 hrs
  • Charging port: Micro usb
  • Usage: Car or home
  • Wireless super strong suction ability
  • 6 months warranty from Hotshot Automotive
  • Imported by Hotshot Automotive

3M Gloss N Shine Cream Wax

  • Leaves your car shiny and glossy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be applied on the entire car and smoothly wiped off.
  • Capacity: 220g.
  • Color: White.
  • Gives a deep gloss finish and helps protect paint’s appearance.
  • Make sure the surface is cool, dust free and in the shade when you apply the wax.
  • No direct sunlight.
  • High gloss, streak free, restores shines.
  • A durable synthetic cream wax ideal for all automotive exterior paints

Bullsone Liquid Wax

  • Volume: 550ml
  • Made in Korea
  • Water polish type. Works on water remain surfaces, wipe immediately after spraying for quick gloss effect on your car.
  • Contains cleaning components to eliminate remaining dirts after car wash. For the surfaces that have been polished with other products, just simply remove the remaining dust and apply directly for easy car wash and gloss effect.
  • Applicable to any car colors.

Kangaroo Leather & Tire Wax

  • Keep your leather looking new with Kangaroo’s leather care products.
  • Kangaroo’s Leather & Tire Wax is all purpose wax for car leather seats, tires and dashboards to be shine and prevents all those thing from discolorations.
  • Easily applied
  • Brings back original luster of interiors, various types of leather and rubbers
  • Prevention of discoloration
  • Long lasting gloss effect.
  • Made in Korea